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New Scientific and Technical Advances in Research (NECTAR)

GSCL 2013 will include the NECTAR track (new scientific and technical advances in research). This track aims to make the most significant results already presented at other conferences in the last two years available to the GSCL community. One important goal of the track is to offer researchers the opportunity to learn about areas with which they may not already be familiar. Another goal is to encourage the sort of cross-disciplinary work that has historically been supported by GSCL.

Call for Papers - NECTAR Track papers

We solicit short submissions of up to four pages. Each submission should focus on a major result that has already been published in the last two years. The Nectar paper should cite the previous publication(s) and will typically devote no more than one or two pages to summarizing the core results. The remainder of the paper should be devoted to putting the results, as well as the problem they solve, into a context that is meaningful to a wide audience.

NECTAR (new scientific and technical advances in research) track papers will be presented as short talks or posters at GSCL 2013. The papers will also be published in the companion volume of the conference proceedings. Submitted papers will be reviewed according to: (1) significance of the results to the broad goals  (2) potential for the results to influence research beyond their original publication venues, and (3) clarity of the presentation to CL/NLP researchers who do not have expertise in the topic described in the paper.
Although papers will describe previously published results, the paper itself must be original.
Nectar paper reviewing will not be double-blind, so there is no need to obfuscate the name of the authors.


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