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Instructions for Presenters

You should already have been informed about the format that applies to you.  If not, check the detailed conference program.

Talks (full and NECTAR)

Talks last 20 to 22 minutes, plus 8 to 10 minutes for discussion.  The presentation language for talks is English.

A laptop will be provided for presentation.  It will have a VGA connector and is capable of displaying presentations in PDF or PPT(X) format.  If you decide to use it, bring your talk on a USB flash drive, and approach the session chair well in advance so it can be put on the laptop and tested.

If you prefer to use your own laptop (maybe because you have special needs or want to show a short demo), please also approach the session chair well before your talk to make sure that the connection to the projector is working properly with your machine.

These measures are necessary to ensure a smooth session without delays.


A1 format, portrait orientation.


Please bring your own demonstration equipment, i.e. laptop. You have the possibility to accompany your demo with a A1 portrait format poster.


We will be strictly limiting presentation time to 10 minutes. Presentation language of the Kaleidoskop is German.


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