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Research Training Group GRK 1994: Adaptive Preparation of Information from Heterogeneous Sources (AIPHES)

The interdisciplinary research training group AIPHES was launched in April 2015. In a three-year program, 11 PhD candidates, as well as postdoctoral researchers and associated researchers will collaborate under the guiding theme of multi-document summarization of heterogeneous resources.

What is Adaptive Preparation of Information from Heterogeneous Sources?

We consider large-scale text sources from the web. Our text corpus is built from heterogeneous genres, domains, language styles, target audiences, and levels of quality. Preparation of information means extracting, condensing, aggregating, and structuring the inherent information in a large text corpus in order to generate new texts from this information. The PhD students will discover new concepts and methods for the semi-automatic generation of a particular type of texts: multi-document summaries. Adaptive means concepts and methods are to be developed that are adaptable to new, unforeseen genres, domains, etc.

What is Unique about AIPHES?

AIPHES combines innovative computer science methods from computational linguistics, algorithmics, and machine learning in a challenging application domain. We focus on adaptive methods of genre and domain independent language analysis, including social media data. In contrast, current systems typically target either a single genre or a single domain and do not transfer to more complex scenarios. Most of the mainstream research is done on the English language; in contrast, we develop techniques to even cope with languages such as German, for which resources are scarce. The research in intelligent writing assistance is conducted in close cooperation with users of the technology, initially in the areas of online journalism and online monitoring of heterogeneous information sources.

About the Research Training Group AIPHES

AIPHES is a Research Training Group (GRK 1994) funded by the DFG, the federal German research foundation. The research training group is led by Prof. Iryna Gurevych (UKP Lab) from the Computer Science Department of the Technische Universität Darmstadt. Participating partners are the Heidelberg University and the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies. AIPHES cooperates with leading international researchers in all research areas.

Photo: HITS
Photo: HITS