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Research Initiative for Knowledge Discovery in the Web

Knowledge Discovery in the Web encompasses a wide variety of scientific challenges for a broad range of disciplines in technology as well as human, social, and economic sciences. Of particular potential is the Web 2.0 with its so-called “wisdom of crowds.” The vast amount of freely available information reflected in social networks, Wikipedia, and similar freely available knowledge sources has barely been explored yet.

To address this exciting area of research, the members of the Research Initiative for Knowledge Discovery in the Web join their forces to broaden the research excellence at the TU Darmstadt. The interdisciplinary cooperation allows us to go beyond the perspective of individual departments to form a global view that will offer new insights into the nature of the Web.


In the first place, the Web is just another technical innovation like e.g. the telephone was in the past. However, the new possibilities offered by the Web (and especially the Web 2.0) have major impact to both, the individual life and the society in general. The Web changes people's private lifestyle as well as the professional life (teaching, research, etc.).

As the Web touches so many aspects of our daily life, it cannot be viewed solely from a technical perspective. A wide range of sciences are interested in and driven by the Web. Due to the increased specialization of the faculties and its members, solid infrastructure for interdisciplinary research is barely developed. Thus, the main goal of the WeRC members is to setup a new interdisciplinary center of Web research in Darmstadt, addressing the interdisciplinary problems posed by the Web with interdisciplinary approaches.

Doctoral Program for Language and Knowledge Engineering

As part of the research initiative, the Doctoral Program for Language and Knowledge Engineering brings together the computer science departments of the Technische Universität Darmstadt. It tackles cutting-edge computer science research such as novel methods in machine learning, information retrieval, and multimedia content analysis, as well as focused advances in understanding textual and multimedia content.


Prof. Iryna Gurevych

WeRC Coordinator

+49 6151 16 25290

Foto von Iryna Gurevych
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